Sunday, June 24, 2012

Memorial Day BBQ and fun with friends

On Memorial Day, we had a BBQ with all of our neighbors and friends and it was a blast.  At the end, we got a few pictures
 My sister, Elizabeth and her friend Katrina came.
 Great friends.

 Hands up Stands up
 Sarah wanted her shirt off because Zoey took hers off.

 I love taking pictures of the guys because they are always so akward, like they are in this one that Jenn took.

 Sarah and her cute friend Zoey.  Zoey is 1 day older than Sarah and they love playing with each other.  The second Zoey walks in, her and Sarah go and change into these skirts.  I love it.  In this picture, they just walked around the house eating out of cereal.

Happy Birthday Jenn!
This is the year where a lot of my friends turn 30.  My friend, Jenn turned 30 and we went to breakfast.

Danny and Erika fell asleep watching a movie outside.  So cute!

The Queen's Jubilee

My Mom, my sisters and I decided to celebrate the Queen's anniversary by having our own tea party.  This is one of my favorite things about having a girl is having tea parties.
 Sarah was so excited to get dressed up and even wear makeup!  She was in heaven.

 Sam even dressed up too.  Oh my gosh, I love this picture of Jane wearing Abby's glasses.  I took one look at her and started hysterically laughing.  She just laughed along with me.  She makes me laugh so hard.  She kept crying and I asked her what was wrong and she said, "Sam keeps telling me that my friends taste and smell like poo!"  Sometimes I don't understand the things that come out of Sam's mouth but they do make me laugh.

 We all changed our names and talked in british accents.  We just laughed the whole time.

 Then the kids put on a dancing and singing performance to Party Rock Anthem.
 Here is a video of our conversation.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tim and Amy's Wedding

Wow I have had no time to blog lately and I love it!  But I have to blog about Tim and Amy's wedding.  It was so wonderful.  Such a beautiful day.

Well as you can tell, Amy looked stunning.  They were such a beautiful couple.  The love that they have for each other just filled the room.  Their temple ceremony was filled with so much happiness and love.  I am so proud of Amy and I love her so much.

So it was raining quite a bit but you wouldn't even be able to tell because they were still so happy. 

 The cute flower girls in their temple outfits.

 It was a little stressful trying to keep the kids happy outside in the rain for the pictures but we made it.

The Ring Ceremony
 How cute do they all look!  I love it.

 All you could hear while the kids were walking down the aisle was Sarah and Sam sobbing because they wanted their Dad.  Didn't turn out quite how we wanted it to but oh well.  Danny took it so seriously.

The Reception
 Tim and Amy with all of their nieces and nephews.

                                        So adorable
 My Mom and sisters.  I sure do love them.

 Me, Brian, and the kids
 Bride and Groom's families.  Only four of them are from the bride's family.  Our family is getting enormous.  I love it!!!

  Just our family

 All of us brothers and sisters                                                         

 My mom and Sarah.  The girls getting ready to catch the bouquet.
 The Sigma Chi's singing to Amy.

And my very favorite part.  Dancing.  I love dancing at weddings!!!!!