Thursday, October 27, 2011

Birthday Week!

I had such a fun birthday this year. I had fun things going on all week:
Foo Fighters Concert
Oh yes, people. Our year of concerts just got better believe it or not. We saw Foo Fighters. It was so fun! I guess I am not as hip as I use to be because I got annoyed when he kept yelling the F word while everyone else was cheering. I also got tired and sat down through some of it. What happened to me? Haha.
*Noted to self: Work on being more hip and standing up and singing for longer lengths of time.*
Anyway David Grohl is awesome. Did you know that Tom Petty asked him to be a drummer for him and he turned him down to start his own band. WHICH he recorded all on his own. Guitar, drums, singing, everything he recorded by himself! He is so talented. So this is the end of the best year of concerts.


My girlfriends and I saw Footloose and we had such a fun time dancing and laughing at the really cheesy parts. Right in the middle of the day. Such a blast!

Witches Halloween Party

Love these girls. Haha. I opened my door and Jenn was standing there in her pumpkin outfit :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The simple things that bring such joy

Yoga at the park

Sariah did a yoga class at the park again with my family. It was awesome like always. I love the first picture because I couldn't hold the pose any longer and I am falling (far right). The second picture is Katie, Sariah, and I.

Movie Night

Sarah LOVED her first movie night. We let the kids rent a movie and we set up blankets, pillows and popcorn. The kids love it. Sarah was so cute laying with the boys.

The boys and their friends

Ok you HAVE to watch this video. This is how the boys and their friends entertain themselves. I LOVE that my kids have friends out in the front yard waiting to play every day.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Luau, Dinner, and Camping

We live in the GREATEST neighborhood. I love it so much. We have so much fun with our friends out here.

My friends Cheri and Alysha put on such a fun luau. It was several months ago but that's ok.

Some girls in my neighborhood went to dinner.

We are trying to be serious in the first picture but that didn't really work.


Riding the 4 wheelers. This was so mush fun for me. I could've done this for hours. It is amazing how much the kids love camping! Sarah was in heaven! She kept screaming and laughing while we were driving through the mountains.

Cute Sam.

Time to get dirty. We left the kids and rode just the girls. Again, I was in heaven. I couldn't go fast enough.

We got a little muddy.

You haven't fully experienced summer until you've gone boating

I figures since it started SNOWING today I would finish up my summer blogging. Here are some pictures of us boating with Brian's family.

Brian, Sarah and Sam on the tube. The next picture is aunt Kellie and Sam.

How cute does Sarah look?

Danny's favorite thing is to drive the boat. Sarah likes to pretend to drive the boat.

Hanging out with Grandpa Paul

Tubing. Sam did not like tubing. He hated the sun in his eyes.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Danny!

Oh I love this sweet boy. Every time anyone would ask him what he wanted for his birthday, he would just say I don't care! He was so excited to turn 6.
Danny is doing so well. He does so well in school. I volunteer a lot and he is so social! That was one of my big worries but he talks to everyone at school. He doesn't care if he has a ton of friends but it just seems to come natural to him in class.
He has become such a good listener. He is also so obedient.
He thrives on learning. He loves to have a schedule with something to do. He loves it when I teach him something to do. When he was off track, he struggled because he was free to do what he wanted and got so bored. That is my fault. I need more for him to do.
I love how passionate Danny is. He gets so excited about anything new.
I love you Danny! You bring so much joy in my life.

Opening presents! Sam was right beside him like it was his birthday.

Sarah wanted a picture taken of her.

We invited our family over on his birthday. My favorite was my Granddad jumping in front of Danny outside and started singing Happy Birthday at the top of his lungs. Danny's friends were all staring at the ground with big eyes trying not to laugh.

Party with friends