Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Little cutie

Danny gets so excited to see the wash that he ran over to watch it while I was getting him ready for the bath. How cute is that.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

1 more month!

Ok so I tried to post this on the 17th which was exactly a month away from when I am due and it was also the same day as my appointment but I am still in my "nesting stage" meaning all I want to do is clean and organize everything before the baby comes. If you saw my house right now you wouldn't know what I was talking about because it is a big mess but I have been pulling everything out of all of the closets trying to organize so I think I will be ready soon. It is just hard because I usually run a few errands each day and lately Danny hates to be strapped down anywhere so I have been letting him walk with me while I do my shopping. It always ends up being a mistake because he ends up wanting to get into things he shouldn't and I always end up putting him back in the shopping cart while he is kicking and screaming and arching his back. At this point I am holding him down with my arm while trying to buckle him in and I am sure that people think that I am abusive to my child. By the way you should have seen me at the mall the other day. Let's just say that I ended up sitting on the floor in the middle of the mall trying to pick up Danny who was laying on the floor and screaming like I was torturing him. At that moment I vowed I would never go to the mall again while I was pregnant (unless I was alone). Danny is a little sweatheart though, don't get me wrong. Anyway by the time I come home, I am so exhausted that I can hardly move. Needless to say I don't get much cleaning done.
So, for the reason I put this picture on my blog. This is another 3-D ultrasound I had at the doctor's office. It is kind of hard to tell what is going on because he is so squished inside of me. You can see his eyes, his nose, and part of his mouth because his arm is in the way but that is the best we can do. I really wonder what this child will be like because during my NST (where they moniter the baby's heart rate for about 30 min.) he was moving like crazy. They ended up keeping me for an hour because it took that long to get a good base heart rate (which is their resting hear rate). The funny thing is that Danny was always resting and they couldn't get him to move and now he never stops so we will see. Although I am nervous for everything that is about to come, I am so excited for this baby!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Years in St. George!

We spent New Year's in St George with my sister's Whitney, Heather and their families. Oh and of course we partied with my grandparents!

Danny had so much fun with my grandparents

He loved swimming with Brian more than anything.


The day after Christmas we went sledding with my family. It was a blast!

Danny and Grandpa Robert

Danny's cousin Abby lives in Texas where it is still warm so we had to improvise with her snow gear. She was so happy anyway. She even went down the hill on her stomach!

Although we weren't sure if Sophie (Danny's other cousin) was loving it, she did seem pretty content. And no she is not peg legged, she just didn't have snow boots.

Merry Christmas


Danny's new remote control car!

These are the chairs that Grandma Robin got for Danny, Abby, and Sophie for bingo. They got very excited because in order to keep their attention, we were singing and clapping to Zip A Dee Doo Dah.

This it the truck that Danny got from Santa at the Ross Christmas Party. Boy was he excited!