Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Danny!

Yesterday Danny turned 4! He had such a great birthday this year. We love you Danny!

Yay for Diego! Danny was so excited to get this game.

Sam loves Danny's new scooter. Our cute neighbor loves to push Sam around on it. It is so funny.

In case Danny hasn't stopped you on the street to tell you, he got a new bike! HE LOVES IT! He found it before my parents gave it to him so he got to ride it a little early.

My cute grandparents came to visit Danny and the second Sam saw my Granddad, he just started hysterically laughing because my Granddad is always so goofy.

If you notice, my Granddad is letting Sam hit him on the head with a baseball bat.

Yay! A Utah baseball hat! Actually that big smile is because my Granddad is so funny.

I had the same smile on my face while eating his birthday cake. I love Schmidts Bakery.

Brian's grandpa was so cute with Sam. He just fed him his birthday cake.

My sister, Whitney and her daughter Sophie.

Every year, we have my family and Brian's family come over for the boys birthdays. We love parties!

For Danny's birthday party, I made cupcakes. He wanted pink and purple. I thought that was funny.

This year we did everything that Danny wanted for his birthday party. He had a lot of fun. He just wanted to dance to "Battlefield" by Jordin Sparks most of the time. It was really funny.

The boys danced at first but then they got sick of it.

But Danny's cute friend, Chloe never stopped dancing.

As long as Danny's party is on a Saturday, it looks like he will always be going to a Utah game on that day. Here is Danny and Grandma Janell.

Even though my hip was killing me and I could barely walk, I took Danny to the game because I really wanted to go. It was so much fun!

Danny spent most of the time taking random pictures of everyone and everything. Here is one of about 10 of Grandma Janell.

And Grandpa Paul.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family Pictures

Ok for some reason this top part is underlined and I don't know why. Oh well. The other day my sister, Elizabeth and her boyfriend, Randy came out to our house and we went to the lake (just in our neighborhood... I like to brag about how cool our neighborhood is) and took pictures.

If it looks like I am smiling a little too hard in these pictures, it is because I am laughing so hard. Randy kept pretending like he was about to fall in the lake and it was so funny. He needs to be there for all of our photo shoots.

This was so funny. We told Danny that if he smiled big for the pictures he could play in the lake. He just ran around with his shorts pulled up so high. He loves the water.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Park City with the girls

A year ago, a bunch of girls from my neighborhood planned a weekend to Park City. We have decided to make it an annual trip in September. It was so fun and this year it was a totally different group of girls so I got to know some new girls.

Dinner at Baja Cantina. Yummm! I love this restaraunt.

Jane, me, Kendra, and Jenn at dinner.

The next night we went to the Eating Establishment. I was not a huge fan of this place. I was just happy to be having dinner with the girls though.

HOT TUB!! I was sad that I couldn't get all the way in but at least I could put my legs in.

We made sure to go to a movie. We saw All About Steve which was TERRIBLE! I knew it was going to be but I figured since everyone wanted to see it, I would just follow the group. A bunch of us left in the middle and ended up watching the last 1 1/2 hours of Julie and Julia which was so much better. I love movies.

We got free rides on the gondolas it was so fun.

Beautiful view.

Weeeeee! Haha. I don't know why I am so weird sometimes. Everyone was just posing so serious for these individual pictures and I didn't.

Haha. This is Michelle pole dancing. Kind of blurry.

Another cheesy picture of me. These guys thought I was going to do some seductive pose like Michelle but I didn't. It was kind of akward.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Danny's first day of Preschool

Danny started preschool a few weeks ago and he just loves it. He loves to learn new things and gets so excited to go. This was a picture I took at his preschool. What a cutie pie.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Girls Trip to St. George

So several months ago, my friends and I wanted to plan a girls trip. We decided to go to St George because we had a free place to stay and we could just drive down. My friends kept asking me when I was going to plan the trip but since Brian travels so much, it was hard to find a time to plan the trip that would work for everyone. So 2 weeks ago we finally went and it was a blast! I love these girls to death.

So on the way down, this creepy guy came up to us (when we were at the gas station) and told us that our tire pressure was low and he would fix it. Well it was actually low but we didn't want him to fix it so we went somewhere else to get it done. These pictures were Sariah checking the tire pressure. I guess this doesn't surprise me because she has pretty much had to do everything on her own. This one guy asked us if we were going off to college. I looked down at my pregnant belly and thought wow I would hope not.

Woo hoo! Off to Vegas! Carolyn, Sariah, and Kristin sat in the back.

While us pregnant girls sat in the front.

Shopping at the outlets. It was sooo hot!

My favorite part of Vegas was going to pottery barn kids. I called Brian before and asked him if I could buy some bedding for the baby girl and he said yes. I walked into the store and just started squealing because I was so excited. I was just grabbing things all over the place and putting them together. I kept picturing how her room would look and it was at that point where I thought, I am going to be in big trouble having a girl. So I spent way too much time in there and half the girls left to go to different stores.

Cheesecake Factory. You can never go wrong here.

Haha. We decided to ride our bikes to the pool and after 2 seconds of going I realized that my tire was flat. I was also holding a book, my towel, and my water bottle so I was having a hard time riding anyway. As you can see I dropped my stuff and just left it there while this nice man pumped up my tire. What is with us and tire problems?

Laying out at the pool + no kids = HEAVEN. Although I don't think Heaven will be 107 degrees. We didn't last long.


We went and saw the Time Traveler's Wife. I was reading like crazy trying to finish the book in time. Obviously the book was much better but I was dissapointed in the movie. I wasn't sure how on earth they were going to fit it all into a movie. By the end my eyes were all red from crying so hard.

Games! You can't go to St George without playing card games. I love Sariah's face. This is seriously how she was the entire time. I loved it. She has so much energy. I wish I would've gotten pictures of her in her crazy yoga poses. She is amazing.

Hahaha. We are so funny!!!

Oh man. These pictures should be blown up and framed. We are so cool.

Peek a boo! Do you like that everyone has a cute smile and I have an evil leprechaun face.
I just love all of these girls and I can't wait till we get to do it again. I have such amazing friends and I have learned so much from them. Theses girls have been through so much. Thank you for the memories!!

To end, I would like to share this video of Sariah riding her bike down the street. We told her she looked like Julie Andrews so she decided to sing like her.