Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day

Yay! I have time to blog. So I am a little late but here are some pictures of the kids on Valentine's Day.

I LOVE these kids. How cute is Sarah's little sweater? Thanks Grandma.

Little twins

Even though I don't have a picture of you Brian, I still love you. More today than ever before.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Sam!!

Yesterday Sam turned 3. I was so happy to celebrate Sam. He had such a fun party. He was so happy. He almost wasn't sure what to do about all of the attention. I think he felt a little uncomfortable with all of the attention on him. He isn't use to it. There were a few times that I found him all by himself doing his own thing. He is such a little sweetheart. I love you Sam!!

Thomas Thomas Thomas!! That is all he wanted. He wanted a strawberry cake so it looked pink. I stuck some oreos all over it so it didn't look too girly.

We went on a train ride!

typical boys

best buds

Friday, February 4, 2011

My conversation with Danny about Heavenly Father

So this morning I was telling Danny that he can pray to Heavenly Father anytime he wants to.
I told him that if he loses something he can pray to Heavenly Father to help him find it.
I also told him that if something makes him really sad, he can pray to Heavenly Father to make him feel better and this was his response:

D: What if he doesn't know who I am?
Me: He knows everything about you.
D: What if he doesn't remember my name?
Me: He created you, of course he will remember your name.
D: How did he build me out of bricks?.....wait what am I made of?

I then explained to him what he was made of. I explained the very simplified version since I am terrible with the human anatomy. Yes, you are starting to learn that I hated geography, history, and science. Not to brag but I was really good at math.... and P.E. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Letters to the missionaries

I was emailing my brother and sister (who are on their missions) and asked Danny to tell me what to write to them and this is what he said:

Alex and Elizabeth
If you come home then you will be happy when you come to our house. And South America... I meant Russia is the biggest biggest biggest country. And if you come to my house then I will let you play with all of my toys. But not the smart cycle, you will break it. I got a smart cycle for christmas and it is cold in Canada. Africa is the coldest coldest coldest coldest country. And there's 2 countries that are huge. Russia and Asia.

Hopefully he is better with geography than I am. Even better here is part of Alex's response.

That smart cycle sounds so cool! What's the weight limit? I'm sorry, but Africa is not a country and neither is it cold. Asia is not a country either, but I'm proud that he got Russia right.

Can you tell he is the youngest of 8 and is happy that there is someone to show he is boss? I thought he would be impressed with Danny's passion (even if it isn't totally correct) for other countries AND CONTINENTS but I don't think he was. I laughed.

ALso Elizabeth sent me a thank you letter for the skirt I made her and it read:

Thank you for the cutest skirt I have ever seen! IT IS SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!

If you have not seen Despicable Me you won't think that is funny. I laughed so hard.