Sunday, June 28, 2009


I am guessing there aren't many girls who get very excited for Transformers but I was very excited. Brian bought 14 tickets ahead of time (12 of them were for my siblings and their wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc.). We also had our 2 friends, Brock and Kristen come. It really looks like we are being chased by the decepticons doesn't it? Well we aren't, don't worry. We were just pretending, our world is not in danger...well from Transformers at least.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Get me some cash out, baby

Oh man if my sister's read the title to this, they would probably be annoyed because I kept singing that line from Waking up in Vegas over and over again. Good thing they aren't really into blogging. Last week my sister's, my mom, and I went to Vegas Baby! It was so fun. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Whitney and I sat by each other in the plane and I was so annoyed because the guy who sat next to me had his elbow stretched out so far that I had to lean over my sister the whole flight just so I wouldn't touch him. But it was fun anyway. We were just laughing the whole time and I don't know why.

Oh yes I know why, because we had like 10 packs of peanuts and we kept throwing them back and forth at each other and one time my mom threw it and it hit the guy next to me. We also took videos of each other the whole time and we thought they were so funny.

Eating at Cheesecake Factory. Yummm. I guess I should say that Kelli on the right is our sister-in-law.

We did lots of shopping and needed to take a break.

We saw the Lion King at Mandalay Bay. It was so wonderful. I saw it in New York and I forgot how great it was. They had such amazing voices! I wished Danny could have seen it. Maybe in a few years.

We were making fun of mom's who do their little girls hair in a braid that wraps around their entire head. We called it the cinnamon bun braid. I decided to do one to Elizabeth. I don't have a picture of it right now but she might have one. I wish I did have one because it was so ugly. I ended up braiding it all and there was a gross little braided rat tail coming out of the middle. She even wore it to the pool. It was so funny.

The pool. We got pina coladas. Yum. We even made up a synchronized swimming routine. People thought that we were an actual team.

You know what comes next, PILLOW FIGHT!

We stayed at the Bellagio, thanks to Brian getting us a discount. These are the indoor gardens they had.

Haha. As the lady who cleans the rooms walked by, my mom asked her if she could have a few more chocolates because they gave us 2 and there were 3 to a room. The lady gave her a handful and my mom yells, "Woohoo now we can party!" Then the lady told her to wait because there was more and she gave her another handful. It was funny. Then Elizabeth was really excited and grabbed them and threw them up in the air. My mom just stopped and gave her a mad look. I thought it was so funny. We had such a fun trip. Thanks girls.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

If you have seen the way the boys act around Brian, then you know how much they ADORE him and what a good father he is. Today at church, Brian, Sam and I were sitting in sunday school and Brian walked out to grab something and Sam tried to hurry and follow him but didn't make it out the door. He had the poutiest lip I have ever seen and he just stood in the aisle and whimpered until Brian came back in and he was as happy as can be. These boys love their Dad so much. Thanks for being the greatest Dad ever, Brian!

For Father's day, I had my friend, Jennie, take pictures of the boys. I didn't think she would get any of Sam because he just cried the entire time. He wouldn't sit still either. Well I was shocked when I got these pictures back! She did such an amazing job. When I saw these it just brightened my day and I almost cry every time I look at them. Thank you Jennie, you have such a gift. You have got to check out her website at

Monday, June 8, 2009

Watermelon in the Summer

So I was reading my friend's blog about her favorite things to do in the summertime. She asked what our favorite thing to do in the summertime was and the first thing that popped into my head was WATERMELON. Of course I love swimming, playing sports with the boys, walks, picnics, parks, bbq's, and all that fun stuff but there is something about watermelon that makes summer that much better.

I remember when I was a little girl, I was walking down the street and there was a big group of neighbor kids all crowded together eating watermelon. A girl who was several years older than me had a huge watermelon and was cutting it up and giving it to anyone who wanted some. I quickly made my way over and started stuffing my face with watermelon. It was so good. Early this summer, I was so excited to start buying watermelon at costco. Brian doesn't like it but the boys and I will eat it for every meal. We still have tons left over so I love to sit outside and cut it up to see who wanders over to eat some. Sure enough, the watermelon draws a crowd and all the neighborhood kids ask to have a slice of watermelon. In the end, I have a huge pile of eaten watermelon and lots of sticky kids but they sure are happy kids.

So what makes you happy in the summer?