Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Weddings are just about my favorite things in this world (along with vacations and family).
I love getting together with family and celebrating.
I love dancing like an idiot and wedding cake.
I love all of the dresses.
But most of all I love seeing the newlyweds and how happy and in love they are. I went to their temple sealing and was reminded of what a blessing it is to be sealed in the temple. I am so happy for them and this wonderful decision they have made.

My family

Yay! I get to have a daughter be a flower girl! How exciting. They asked us to make their skirts. I love how they turned out.

L: My brothers and sisters R: My sisters and I with Kimberly

My brother Tim and his girlfriend, Amy

Grooms cake and Wedding cake
He had to put Sigma Chi on there!

The groomsmen and their awesome socks. On the right, Brian, along with all of the other Sigma Chi's sang to Kimberly. Sam was so cute just staring up at Brian. Don't worry Sam, you will get your chance some day.

Kimberly's cute niece, Aubrey was teaching Sam how to dance. How cute is that?


I love this picture of Sam giving Kimberly a rose.

R: We are trying to get Josh ready for his baby (his wife got pregnant on an IUD). I am not convinced he is ready yet :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Patrick and Kimberly's Wedding Dinner

Friday night was the wedding dinner for my brother, Patrick and his fiance Kimberly. It was so much fun.

My brother's and sisters.

Bobby, Brian, and Josh.

We are so lucky to have best friends that are also family.

My sister kept taking pictures so I decided to keep posing.

Yep, still posing.

Everyone is starting to look at me and wonder what I am doing.

Ok now people are starting to catch on.

Akward photo of the night. Don't worry this was the last. I think my sister saw this and decided it was getting out of hand.

A new tradition for bridal showers

My aunt Sally, gave us this great idea to make matching aprons for bridal showers that we are hosting. My mom is always up for celebrating and making things as cute as possible so she went and bought the fabric. I made 2 of the aprons and my mom made 4 along with hosting this beautiful shower for my brother Patrick's fiance, Kimberly. We are going to make this a tradition!

My mom also bought matching fabric to make skirts for the girls so I made 5 skirts. Well towards the end, my sister helped finish one. I got really sick of it by the end but I thought it was so worth it. They turned out cute. I used different ric rac and tule for each skirt.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A roundhouse kick to your face

So on Sunday Brian came home from church really confused and asked, "Why are people telling me that you roundhouse kicked them in the face?"
After laughing really hard I told him that I never really roundhouse kicked my friends in the face, I just threatened to if they woke me up in the morning while we were on vacation in St George.
No kids and no husbands, just the girls.
Brian took off work and watched the kids so that I could go on a girls trip.
It was perfect.
I laughed a lot and cried a little too.
I am surrounded by such strong, amazing, and spiritual women and I learned so much from every single one of them.
A year ago, Brian and I were planning on moving to a different house at this time and we can't leave. I love the people I am surrounded by way too much.

Playing telephone charades. Probably the funnest game I have ever played. I almost threw up I was laughing so hard.

Hike at Angel's Landing

Woo hoo! I made it and didn't die!

I am probably thinking, Ok now how do I get down?

I sort of freaked out on this hike. I didn't realize how afraid of heights I was.