Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gardner Village and the Pumpkin Patch

We love going to Gardner Village every year. As always we had so much fun.

The boys and their cousin Sophie. I love Sophie's smile.

Grandma with her grandkids. Some lady asked if she was a sister to Whitney and I. It was funny. I hope that I get asked that when I am a grandma. I love the babies playing with her halloween bracelets.

I made the boys skeleton shirts and my sister made Sophie's entire outfit. It turned out so cute!

This is the first year we have gone to the Pumpkin Patch. It was fun. I just love any excuse to get together with family.

Our cute little pumpkin.

Sarah and Sam. Sam picked out this pumpkin and he loved it. He kept calling it his Wittow pumpkin.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear Anthropologie,

I am in a huge dilemma.
I just looked at your website.
Bad idea.
Now I want everything in your store.
The problem is, I only have a $20 gift card.
I don't think that can cover everything in your store.
I don't even think that can cover one thing in your store.
Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE the gift card and the cute little pouch it came in, I am just trying to figure out how that will cover all of my expenses.
So, here is where I would like to ask you a favor.
We will just keep it our little secret.
I am wondering if there is any possible way you could maybe just pretend that there is $5000 on the gift card instead of $20.
Ok ok let's just do $2000. I am ok with that. I can cut down my purchases. I don't have to have EVERY single thing in the store.
You just have the most beautiful clothes, how can I narrow it down?
Of course you know what I mean.
Anyway if you could give me a response any time before the mall opens at 10:00 today, I would really appreciate it.
Love, Annelise

Monday, October 18, 2010


We went to Disneyland 3 weeks ago and had such a fun time. We had been talking about this trip for months and it seemed like it would never come. We went with Brian's Mom, Dad, sister and her husband. It was a great trip.

We got there right after they put the Halloween decorations up. I loved it! I loved the Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain(so freaky!!!).

We like to PARTY...PARTY!

Waiting in line in the blazing hot sun. It was a record breaking 113 degrees in September! Danny was a little miserable.

Buzz Lightyear is always a favorite. And of course, the delicious Mickey waffles! Yum!

If you look closely, you will notice that the boys faces are so red with Woody because it was 113 degrees. Sam kept getting a fever that day. So we took turns going back to the hotel with him and Sarah.

The characters just loved Sarah. I think she liked them too.

We were in Disneyland over Danny's birthday. He was so proud of his Happy Birthday pin.

Danny got chosen to train to be a Jedi. It was so cute.

They boys have been dying to get light sabers. I told them they could when we got to Disneyland. They were so happy.

Sarah in her cute Minnie ears. She also LOOOOOOOVES her Dad. How could you not?

Danny and Grandma driving the car. Although you can't see Sam, the roller coaster was his favorite ride (well along with Buzz of course).

Friday, October 8, 2010

The beginning of fall

Although I hate the cold, I do love the fall. I love that we are getting back on our schedules and have fun things to look forward to.

Danny started his 3rd year of preschool. Woohoo. He was getting so bored. He reads so well. The other day we were driving down the street and he said, "Mom, why does that say Jordan Valley?" Sure enough, we were driving past a building that said Jordan Valley on it. I couldn't believe that he read that. He also read a sign that said No Parking. He is so smart. This was his first day of preschool.

Sam wanted to be in a picture.


We have decided to try every sport with Danny. We did soccer last year and the competition was too much for him. This time we are trying tball and Danny loves it! I love it too because the kids don't have to fight for the ball and it is not so aggressive. Danny is great at hitting the ball. When he is outfield, he kind of drifts off into space.

He loves to make friends with the kids playing on the other team. It is so funny. The second picture is Danny covering first base. I think we need to teach him to give the runner a little space.
Both sets of Grandparents came to Danny's game. What a lucky boy.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Danny!

Danny had his birthday party 2 weeks ago and it was definitely the best party he has had yet.

Birthday boy

Since we went to Disneyland the day after the party, I decided just to order a bounce house to entertain the kids. Danny invited about 20 kids and there were even 4 kids from our greencourt who showed up that weren't invited. It was a little crazy but so much fun. I put Brian in charge of pictures. I can only do so much. I was just so happy that the weather was so great. It is never this warm on his birthday.

So I have this very artistic and creative friend. I asked her if she would do balloons for the party. She was amazing. I wish I would have gotten pictures of all the balloons but it was too crazy. Here are 2 that I loved. A pony and a fish.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fun Summer part 2

Since today is the last warm day, I finally feel like I can sum up our fun summer. I have also been really busy so here are more pictures of summer.
Danny, Sam, Sarah and their cousins.
I figured out how to make cute skirts and taught my sisters. These are all of our girls in the outfits we made. These skirts are sold for $60 and we made it for $15. I will get a better picture later.

Swimming with the cousins.

Tim's girlfriend, Amy got baptized. It was such a wonderful day. I was so happy to be there. I just love them both.

I love this boy.

The boys LOVE bubble baths.

Woohoo! We haven't had a rock band party for a while. We decided to have one before Lil went on her mission. As always we had a blast.

Danny doing one of his tricks and Sam copying him.

One night I noticed that Danny had put his weapons all over the ground. Some in front of his door, some next to his bed, and one laying in bed with him. I asked him why he did that and he told me that he needed them to protect us in case a bad guy came into our house.


Brian's parent's took Kellie, Ty (Brian's sister and BIL), Brian and I to see The Lion King. It was wonderful. We had a great night.

These are pictures of Danny's friend Erika teaching him how to do a backbend and the boys chasing each other (poor Elliott is about to get trampled by Danny and Sam). One thing that I will miss about the summer is sitting out on my porch every night and watching the boys play with all of their friends. The boys have so much fun while I get to read a book, listen to music, work on one of my crafts, or talk to my friends whose kids are also outside playing. I love where I live because there is always a friend outside that my kids can play with. It is especially nice when Brian is gone and I need a break.