Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Danny!

This year, Danny wanted a Monsters Inc birthday party. Just so you know, they don't have any Monsters Inc party supplies so I had to make things up as I went. It was a lot of work but so fun!

There were more girls than boys at his birthday party. I thought that was funny. Here is my sister, Whitney helping them makes monster masks.

Here is one of my best friends (since 3rd grade) Stephanie and her cute daughter Lily.

This is a picture of Whitney trying to get the kids to dance. We turned on a song that started out really slow and so she was dancing really slowly. All of the kids probably thought she was crazy. Look at them stare at her. It was so funny.

We had spiders (crackers, peanut butter, and licorice), Mike Wazowski cupcakes, worm sandwiches (hot dogs), and applesauce with a gummy worm in it for lunch.

monster masks

We played pin the eye on Mike Wazowski.

Things to remember for next year's party:

1. Don't make the food, order pizza.

2. Don't make cupcakes, order a cake

3. Kids don't eat lunch at birthday parties

4. If you spend more than a week getting

everything ready for the party, you are

planning too much.

5. Your child will probably throw a fit at

least 5 times on the day of their party.

More birthday pictures:

We bought this birthday hat at Disneyland and Danny kept it on all morning.

Let's remember that Danny is the first grandchild so we had a birthday party at my parent's house and Brian's parent's house. Danny is such a sweetheart. We love him so much!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Happiest Place On Earth

Last Week my parents, Brian's parents, and our family went to Disneyland. I was so excited I could hardly stand it. Growing up I always thought it was a little weird that my mom loved Disneyland so much and now I can understand why. It was such a fun trip. I am so sad to be home. I already miss it.

I asked this lady to take a picture of us. I told her to get the Mickey ears behing us and she also got all of Disneyland too. In case you cant see us, we are in the bottom left corner.

When we first got there, my mom gave the boys Disneyland stickers and put balloons, Mickey treats, and toys in our room. I told you my mom loved Disneyland.

Brian was so excited to go on the rockets!

Every time I saw this little squishy Mickey, it reminded me of Sam's face.

Danny and Grandpa Paul (Brian's dad). Danny just adores him.

Sam and Grandma Robin (my mom)

We ate breakfast in Disneyland with the characters and it was so fun. Tigger fed Danny his cereal.

Brian and his mom, Janell

This was a picture of Danny when the parade started. He could not believe that he saw Sulley, Mike Wasowski (is that how you spell it?), Lightning Mcqueen, Nemo, Woody, and Buzz all in one parade.

Danny was so cute with the characters. He would stand next to them and pose. In all of the pictures, he is fidgeting with his hands because that is what he does when he gets excited or nervous.

Both of the boys were such angels.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A night in Park City with 14 girls...

This past weekend, 14 girls from my neighborhood planned a trip to Park City for the weekend. It was so fun to get to know so much about all of these girls. We stayed up all night playing games, eating tons of sugar, and just talking.

This is where we stayed.

We ate at Baja Cantina for dinner. This is one of my favorite mexican restaraunts. I don't have a picture of the other table.

We had to go to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory afterwards. Every time I go there I feel all warm and happy inside, in case you can't tell by the look on my face.

Thank you Lia and Jennifer for making the chocolate covered strawberries, bananas, and oreos.

After this weekend, I decided that I need to laugh much more. I also need to go out and do things that make me feel like a kid again. Even if it does make me feel exhausted for the next 2 days.

What I do when I have all night to myself...

So the other night Brian went to the football game and since I only had a babysitter for 3 hours, I couldn't go the game. So instead I sent the boys to the neighbors house and watched Step Up 2 which was so good! The acting was terrible but the dancing definitely made up for it. I turned it up so loud, Brian would have been proud of me. Here is a link to the last dance scene. I tried to upload the video but for some reason I can't. I recommend renting the movie but until then, turn off the lights, (you really need to because otherwise the beginning is hard to see) turn up the volume and enjoy!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

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That something bad will happen to my kids when I can't protect them
Sky Diving
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Clean my house!!
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Reading the Book of Mormon Daily
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The Computer
New Seasons of the Hills and Prison Break (& soon to be the Office, Heroes, & Lost)
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My favorite restaurant is Asian Star
Brian is a much better cleaner than I am
I think I am more excited to go to Disneyland than my kids
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