Monday, October 27, 2008

Car shopping for Danny already?

The other day, my cute Granddad called me and told me that he saw a Cadillac Escalade at Costco and wanted to buy it for Danny. I thought he was talking about a remote control car but he actually meant the motorized ones that kids could sit in and drive. We shopped around and decided that the Cadillac was the best choice so he bought it and surprised Danny with it the next day. Of course Danny was afraid of it and didn't want to drive it at first. That is what is so hard about having kids is when they don't jump for joy over every present they get from someone. But after getting use to it, he got really excited about it. Of course my Granddad didn't see that reaction.

Danny and his cousin Sophie. He is still nervous at this point.

Now he loves it. It has about 6 different radio stations and his favorite is the rap station(there isn't much to pick from). I can't help but laugh when he is riding down the street listening to What Them Girls Like. If you don't know that song here it is . I wonder what the neighbors thought.

Fishing for Sam

The other day I walked past Danny and he was trying to fish for Sam but for some reason Sam wasn't sticking to the magnet fishing pole. We might have to get him checked out.

Grandpa Don's Pumpkin Patch

This year Brian's Grandpa Don grew pumpkins in his backyard. He was so excited about it and watched for the biggest pumpkin to give to Danny. Every time that we saw him he would talk about how big they were getting. Danny was so excited to pick out the pumpkins.

Sam just sat there and smiled.

Danny had the hardest time sitting still for the camera.

But finally after about 20 tries, I got a picture of him and his pumpkin.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

All you can eat pizza!

What do you do when your husband is out of town, your children woke up extremely early, and you feel like your day will never end when it is only 11 a.m.? Go to Rock Creek Pizza for the all you can eat lunch! That is what we did the other day and I don't know about Danny but I felt like I was going to pass out after how much I ate. I think I ate more dessert pizza than regular pizza. Yumm! It made the day much better.


There isn't much in this world that Sam loves more than his brother, Danny. Whether Danny is hitting him, laying on him, throwing things at him, or jabbing his fingers into his neck in an attempt to tickle him, he always makes Sam laugh.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I've been tagged...

Thanks Emilee. I am suppose to write 7 weird things about me.

1. I HATE SNOW. I know that is so stupid that I live in Utah and hate the snow but I do not like being cold. It is so miserable. I do love that when it snows it means Christmas is coming though.

2. I am really weird about sleeping on my pillow. It is a really long pillow and I usually start out sleeping on my stomach but I can't have my head in the middle of the pillow. I feel really uncomfortable so I have to lay my head on the very end of the pillow. So I am usually in the middle of the bed or at the very edge. If I am laying on my back, it doesn't really matter.

3. When I was in middle school, my friends and I would make movies with my mom's video camera. We made anything from Talk Shows, Backstreet Boys commercials, Micheal Jackson music videos, or Martha Stewart baking shows (I pulled my pants up really high and talked with a weird accent). My favorite was a movie that my cousin, Emily and I made. It was always just the 2 of us making the movie so for this video I video taped and she was the star. I pretended that I was a clown coming to kill her and you never saw me, you just heard my raspy breathing as I was hiding in the closet. Then I chased her around the house. It was so funny.

4. We have this cute neighbor girl, Maddie, who comes over to hang out (I don't know if it is me or Danny because she is 6 years old). Anyway I asked her if she wanted to listen to some music and she asked if we could listen to Hannah Montana. I found her album when she was still singing with the Disney Channel and played the songs and I knew all the words. So we sang and danced to Hannah Montana. The next time she came over, we listened to High School Musical 2 and I knew the words to those songs to. I don't really know how, I don't have any of those CD's or anything, I just found them on rhapsody. Anyway now she loves coming over and singing and dancing to music. If I had a girl she would think I was so cool but I bet none of you do.

5. I am really particular about how I eat my food. I have to eat each food evenly with the rest of the food. For example, if I have salad, lasagna, and a roll, I will eat a bite of salad, then a bite of lasagna, then a bite of my roll. I can't just eat all of one thing then go to the next. I have to finish it all at the same time. It tastes much better when I take turns.

6. I just asked my husband something weird about me and he said that I like the movie Step Up. Ok I really like that movie. I love the dancing, the music, and I think that Channing Tatum is really cute. When that movie came out, my firends gave me 4 free tickets beacause they couldn't use them. I was so excited but Brian wouldn't go with me and none of my friends could go so I asked my brother, Tim to come and he brought his friend and girlfriend. They gave us a free soundtrack because we were screaming so loud. I guess that shows that I still sort of act like I am 16 years old. But Brian doesn't mind. He thinks it is funny.

7. When I was very young, I use to pull my hair out and while I was sucking my thumb, I would rub a strand of my hair against my nose. I had a bunch of hair that was missing on one side of my head.

Now I tag Lia, Michelle, Leeann, Kendra, and Jennie

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A new discovery

A while ago Sam was crying while we were waiting in the car so I called his name until he looked up and saw me peeking over his car seat. It made him so happy to see me. Now whenever I talk to him in the car he looks up and strains his neck to see me. Sometimes I will look back at him and I will see his happy face staring up at me.

Goodbye Summer

Just last month my friends and I went out to the lake in Daybreak, which is just a few minutes away from our house (how lucky are we?). It was so much fun. We only went out once before it started getting too cold. I already miss the warm weather, although I do love Fall.
Danny and I. Brian was so nice to stay home and watch Sam.
Heidi, Steph, and Lily

This must have been before I was yelling at Danny and yanking the paddle out of his hand. He kept hitting us with it and dropping it in the water. Although you can't see him, my friend Adam is behind me and I think he definitely regretted getting on our boat.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Family Pictures

A few weeks ago, my sister, Elizabeth took these pictures of us to practice with a new camera. These pictures were taken in Daybreak. We live in such a beautiful area. Thanks, Lil!

Danny thought this was a slide and he kept sliding down it.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Carmel Apples...Yumm!

So the other day my friend, Lori, said that we should get together to make carmel apples. I got really excited and said that we should put white chocolate on also (I am obsessed with Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory's carmel apples with white chocolate and cinnamon sugar on top). I figured it wouldn't work but gave it a try anyway. So after ruining a few apples and a lot of chocolate, we got it to work by adding a little oil to the chocolate to smooth it out. Then we topped it off with some brown sugar. It was very messy (in case you couldn't tell by how they turned out) but so worth it! They tasted so good! All of the neighbor kids were asking for some.

Danny only wanted the part with the stick in it. He ate the whole center of like 3 apples. That was fine with me because then I got the outsides.

The Witches at Gardner Village

Every year, my mom, sisters, and I take the kids to Gardner Village in October to see the witches. It is so much fun. I was happy that Heather was here from Texas so that she could come.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Random pictures

Here are some pictures that I have taken over the weeks but haven't had time to post

First of all, GO UTES!! I am so excited for the game tonight! The first picture was taken during the last Utah away game. My mom bought the best Utah cookies ever and Danny sat on the porch and ate his while taking a break from riding his bike. The second picture was taken last week right before Brian took Danny and his cute friend Marin to the football game. They were matching so I had to take a picture.

Danny has been so cute and cuddly with Sam lately and I love it.

Danny had western day at preschool.

This picture makes me laugh so hard. It was taken at the airport because my sister, Heather came in town to visit (Yay!!) Her daughter, Abby (R) kept holding onto her suitcase and saying, "Sophie's gonna take my bag." While saying this, she had a frown on her face. Sophie just stood there all confused.

And cute, chubby Jane (Heather's second daughter)