Monday, December 29, 2008

Get Ready...

I have about a billion pictures to post.  That's right, A BILLION!  I have gotten so behind with posting mainly because I have been so busy and my computer is pretty much dead.  But good news!  I got a laptop for Christmas!  YAAAAAAAY!  I love it.  I just can't figure out how to change the format of my videos so that I can post them.  I have some great videos so I hope I can figure it out.  So you know what a laptop means, overnight scrapbooking retreats (Jennie).
Anyway, not being on my computer has been a great thing because I really focused more on my family.  
Danny's Preschool Christmas Program

He didn't sing one word.  He sat there and stared the whole time.  He was still so cute.

Twilight again
My mom, sisters, and I with our Twilight shirts

We made our husbands come but they sat behind us so that they could make fun of the movie.  It was so fun.

Friends Christmas Party
I had a Christmas Party with my friends at my house.  I have been friends with most of these girls since 3rd grade.

Danny usually loves Santa.  He was just grumpy for some reason.

This was so sweet.  Danny held Sam's hand until Sam started screaming and wanted him to let go.

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year.  I tried really hard to focus on the real meaning of Christmas and not what gifts I wanted.  We are so blessed.
This is Danny at Brian's parents house.  He ran down to look at the presents before we even realized where he was.

Sam found his orange in his stocking and started eating it.

Cute Sam

The Grandkids in their Christmas pj's.  My mom bought them Sesame Street hats.  We had the hardest time getting the kids to cooperate.

We went with my family

We went to our friend, Nate's cabin and it was a blast!

Some pictures of us driving up in the snocat, Sam's Christmas snow suit, Kelli and Nate with their amazing dance skills, and Bob and Josh (the mountain men)

Brian has been friends with these guys since middle school.  I love them to death.  They are all like brothers to me (especially Bob...wait he is my brother).   What a fun day!

Matching Christmas outfits

Guitar Hero
This is Danny and his cousin, Abby playing guitar hero.

And to end all of the festivities, here is a picture of the Sugar Bowl party we had at our house!  What a game!  We had so much fun.  Go Utes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh and sorry to our neighbors for the noise.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Brian!

Yesterday was Brian's 29th birthday! He took the day off. It was so fun to spend the day with him. We love you Brian! You are the best!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ross Christmas Party

Every year, the Ross's (Brian's dad's family) have a Christmas party. It is usually the only time everyone gets together so we really look forward to it. I can't remember who belongs to which family but we have so much fun.

After dinner, Santa always comes and the kids get so excited. Danny wouldn't sit with the rest of the kids until he found out that Santa was giving out presents. He started out in the back and slowly wedged his way to the front.

He waited so patiently.

...and waited...

...and waited...

...and waited until he was the last one to be picked. He was so cute. He was just quietly waiting.
Ok I lied, Sam was the last one to be picked but he had no idea what was even going on.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Annual Night Downtown

Every year my family (parents, brothers, sisters) goes downtown for one night. We go see a movie, eat dinner, shop, see Santa, and stay at the Marriot. Here are some pictures of the night.

Sam and I. My mom is doing the bunny ears. Mom you are so out of control. Well at least her hand is. I can't see her.

Kelli (my sister in law) and I with our twin coats. We are so close. I love her. I just thought this pose made us look incredible.

The girls. I don't know if you can tell but I was laughing so hard I was shaking and crying. My legs weren't touching the ground. I think that is why I was shaking.

Every year my parents make us get a picture with Santa. We all hate it because they can bearly fit us all in. And we have to wear red and green. Luckily Santa wasn't there anymore so we took up as much room as we wanted. As you can tell my family is rarely serious. Kelli and I are doing the pose from Waiting for Guffman. I like Bobby in the back with the reindeer antlers.

Sweet little grandkids. L toR : Danny, Sam, Sophie, Abby, and Jane

Every year my parents buy all of us pajamas. This is the boys in their Utah pj's. They loved them.

The girls. I love little Abby with her cute glasses. I don't have a picture of my boys because Sam was asleep and Danny was GRUMPY. We will get one soon though. Thanks Mom and Dad for a great night!