Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One last time

Today was the last time I had to say goodbye to a brother that was leaving on a mission. I have had 3 brother's leave and today my youngest brother, Alex left on his mission. The past couple days we was Sherlock Homes (I love Robert Downey Jr.), ate at Asian Star (I am so proud that Alex wanted his last dinner there), and today we went to lunch at the Pizza Factory before we said goodbye. Every time I looked at my parents the past couple days they were so sad. Last night Alex was set apart and it was so great. I love spending time with my family and I am so proud of Alex. I will miss him so much but I think my boys will more. They LOVE him. Here are a ton of pics from lunch today. I told my family I would post them all.

Best Christmas Ever!

I think every Christmas just gets better and better and this Christmas was so wonderful. It was hard being so pregnant but it was nice to have so many things planned with family and it kept us very busy. So Christmas morning, I hear Danny walk out of his room and I hear him stop and there is no noise for about a minute and suddenly he comes running into our room screaming that Santa has come. He jumped on the bed and ripped off Brian's covers and shook him until he got up. He was so excited. We asked him to wait to open them until Sam woke up and he waited so patiently. He started peeking through his stocking and at that point I told him just to open them.

Yay roller skates!!! That is the only thing he wanted for Christmas.

There is nothing better than a child opening their presents on Christmas morning.

I love this guy
So I have been wanting a really expensive camera for a long time. I love taking pictures and I wanted an SLR so that I could take better pictures. I have been bugging Brian to let me get one for a long time now but I knew I could wait to fork out the money. Well he totally surprised me and got me a new camera. There were tears in my eyes I was so happy. I am going to take classes so that I can get a lot better but I am so happy you have no idea. This is Brian posing for one of the first shots on my new camera. I just took it on auto because I have a lot to learn.

Sam was a little overwhelmed with all of the presents but he was happy.

A nap that they desperately needed.

Gator golf with Granddad.

Exchanging gifts with my family.

Every year the boys get new boots from Brian's parents. They couldn't take them off because they were so comfy. And yes, they left their pj's on all day.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Baby update and Christmas fun

Let me out!

Ok some of you might not understand what is going on in this picture so I am sorry if you can't. Yesterday I had an ultra sound and the baby is doing great. She is measuring about 7 lbs (give or take a pound). I am dialated to a 1. I seriously thought that I was going into labor on Sunday night because I was having the worst contractions in my back. I laid down and they wouldn't go away. So finally after about an hour of laying down, they went away. It was so cute because Danny laid next to me and hugged me the whole time. Every time Brian would come in, Danny would tell him to go away (probably because I had just gotten mad at him for something that I can't even remember right now). It was funny. Anyway the baby is just in an akward position right now so it is killing my back. So this is a picture from my ultra sound yesterday. My scanner isn't working so I just took a picture of the picture. That big bulge on the right is my placenta and on the left is the baby's eye (closed), nose and lips. I can't wait to see her. Don't you just love her already?

Ross Family Christmas Party
This is Brian's parents with our family.

I love Sam's big smile.

Danny doesn't like to sit on Santa's lap but he decided afterwards that Santa was a nice guy.

Brian also turned 30 on the 19th. Danny took this picture. I don't have picture's from his party but I will get them later.

Every year we eat at Joe Morley's and it is soooooooo good.

Christmas pj's
They are just so excited. This is Danny and Sam with their cousins. Little cuties.

We went to go see Santa at the assisted living place where Brian's grandma lives. How cute is he?

Danny is still not sure about Santa being this close.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Danny's Christmas Program and a call from Santa!

Today was Danny's Preschool Christmas Program. He was very cute although I could barely see him half the time because they decided to combine just about every kids class who goes to the preschool into one program. The only way I could see him was to go up the stairs and try to get some pictures there. I was so frustrated but now I realize I just needed to relax. These things are just such a big deal to us because we have been working so hard with him to be better at performing in front of groups and I couldn't even see him.

He did go to the front for a song so I got this picture.

I got another picture afterwards.

I also found another Santa hat because I couldn't get a picture during the program.

Danny took this picture of Brian's parents. They came and entertained Sam. My Mom, Whitney, and Sophie also came but they had to leave right after. I felt bad that they couldn't see Danny during his program but I love their support. Danny is a lucky boy.

I love these boys!

A phone call from Santa.

My sister scheduled for this recording of Santa to call the boys. These videos are so funny.

He called Danny first. I love how he says Thank you at the end. He really wants roller skates for Christmas.

For some reason, Sam hated the phone call from Santa. I don't know why, he usually loves to talk on the phone.