Thursday, October 22, 2009


One of the things I love about fall is that there are always so many fun things to do. So here is what we have been up to.

St. George
We decided to make another trip to St. George. It was in the high 80's. What a nice warm break! It was so relaxing and fun.

We did a lot of eating. Of course we had to go eat at Nelson's Frozen Custard. I was so excited to find out that they had pumpkin ice cream! Yummmmm. It was delicious. I love this picture.

There isn't much that I love more than Danny's smile. I also love Cafe Rio which is what is all over his mouth. Danny was so happy to have Cafe Rio and then ice cream.

Sam was happy to be able to stand on the bench. A bunch of old ladies were asking what that was on his arm. It is a tattoo from Danny's birthday. It doesn't want to come off.

We went to Vegas the day of the Utah game. We didn't go to the game but we got to see Brian's sister, Kellie and her husband Ty. Danny had his arm around Ty and Brian so I decided to get a picture.

The boys watching t.v. in their towels.

Since their isn't a ton to do in St. George, we went searching for different arcades. The boys LOVED IT. We went to a couple different places with arcades. Let me just say that this makes me so excited to have a girl. We can go get pedicures while the boys golf and play video games. That is pretty much all we did, we golfed, played at the arcades, played at the park and swam a lot.

We love food! In case you are wondering, I was there but I am just not in any of the pictures.

My birthday
Last week, we went to Tiburon with Brian for my birthday. It was delicious as always. I also went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch. It is always great to have good food on your birthday. I had a great birthday.

My friends and I went to dinner for my friend, Sariah's birthday. Happy Birthday, Sariah!

The only candle she had was the number 5. That was bad planning on our part. She was so happy anyway.

Little twinners. The boys were watching t.v. on my bed and not only were they dressed the same but Sam was posed the same as Danny too.

Danny was so excited to share his seat with his friend Parker. How funny.

Gardner Village
We went to Gardner Village when it was still warm and saw the witches. Danny was nervous about the witch next to us. His favorite was the witch on the toilet.

Sam, Sophie, and Danny.

Ok I hope you are patient because I saved the best for last. Sam is loving these goggles he found and loves to wear them. You have to watch this video to see how funny he looks.