Monday, August 31, 2009

TABPR 2009

Ok Brian really doesn't want to blog so I am making him tell me what to write about his guys trip while he watches sports. Every year Brian and his friends go to St George and pretty much eat and play video games for 4 days. Brian has known most of these guys since since middle school. They are all still best friends. The main reason they go down is to host their annual golf tournament.

This is a picture of the guys in their golf shirts that they had made for the tournament. They even have their names on them. The shirts have a golfer on them with the letters TABPR. I can't tell you what those letters stand for because it is a secret organization, dear (that is what Brian said). I am laughing right now. The red team is Josh Sato, Cole Quam, Danny Kofoed, and Bobby Cannon. The blue team is Brian, Nate Locke, Matt Tucker, and Jared Neeley.

This is our trophy tournament cup. It is sacred and has all of the winners names on it for each year. (Brian)

Jared and Nate

Matt and Brian

The guys at the Players Club. It is the victory dinner. Losers buy dinner for the winners. Look at how cute all of these guys are! I love them. (Annelise)

We are winners. This is the only time we will want the blue team to win.

I rule.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We are having a.....

Wow. I don't even know where to begin. So I am pregnant. I am so excited! I am due around January 13 (thanks Kendra for figuring that out for me). I have been asked if it was planned. Yes it was planned. Right after I found out I was pregnant, we had a lot of stressful things happen and I felt like my life was turned upside down and I started becoming really stressed about being pregnant. I remember laying on the table at the doctor's office for an hour (he was a little behind, story of my life) and I kept trying to convince myself that this was a good thing. Of course I knew it was a good thing but I just kept thinking of all of the bad th
ings in my life at the time and that made it hard. I kept telling myself that so many people that are close to me want to get pregnant so badly but they can't. Anyway thanks to Brian who was so optimistic and patient, I felt better and things started becoming a lot easier for us.

After I had Sam I told myself that the next baby would be a boy. I convinced myself that this was true. I have been dying to have a girl and I just thought that I wouldn't be lucky enough to get one. So I got pregnant and I felt much more sick than I usually do. I wondered if maybe that meant it was a girl but I tried not to think that way. The longer I waited, the more I thought it was a girl. Brian was convinced that it was a girl from the beginning. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I kind of had a break down and just cried to Brian. I don't even remember what I told him but I think it wasn't very nice. The next day he went out of town for work and sent this to me:

I was so happy. There was a note on it that said something like, "I hope you get a girl." I think I hid the note because I thought Oh I don't want our boy to find out about this note. So I went in for my 16 week appointment and the doctor said that he thought it was a girl but he wasn't positive. So I went in for my 20 week appointment and after the ultrasound tech stared at the head for what seemed like an hour, he found the rest of the body and said, "I think it is a girl." We sat there for a second and I said, "You don't sound positive about that." He laughed and didn't say anything. After about 10 minutes, he looked again and said that it was definitely a girl. I was so excited! I think I already knew though. Then my doctor came in and confirmed that it was a girl. I still can't believe it. Then I turned to Brian and said, "I already bought girl clothes." He seemed very worried and lectured me on saving money and not to go crazy buying girl clothes. I told him I couldn't wait to buy a big poofy dress for her. He just laughed. There were so many thoughts running through my head like I can't wait to do her hair, I can't wait to take her on shopping trips, I can't wait to take her to get pedicures, I can't wait to take her to chick flicks, I can't wait to give her makeovers, and I can't can't can't wait to put her in dance. I can't wait to put her in her little costume, get her makeup done up, and watch her in her dance recital. I did the exact same thing growing up and I am so excited for my daughter to do that. Oh and I also can't wait for Brian to take her on a date night. I can't wait to see him with a little girl. I think i might put him in charge of doing her hair and see how he does. He told me he would just put a bow in her hair. Good answer, sweetie.

I remember going over to see our friends, Spencer and Beth's little baby girl. I was holding her and the boys just couldn't get enough of her. They kept stroking her black curly hair and Sam kept saying, "Baby!". They just wanted to stare at her and touch her. That made me want a little girl so bad.

So now I can say that I am so happy to be pregnant. I can't wait. This is such a blessing to us. I also have to say that I am so happy to already have to boys who can watch over her and protect her (and maybe she can marry one of their friends like I did with my brother's best friend). Danny and Sam are just the most wonderful boys. They love me whether I am happy or I am yelling at them all day and so grumpy. They are just sweethearts. I love them. I am so lucky.

Also 2 things:
1: Sorry this is soooo long. So many thoughts.
2: Sorry there is no picture. I am so sad, the printer wasn't working!!! I always scrapbook my ultra sound pictures. Then he gave me a dvd of the ultrasound and it won't come up on my computer so I am not happy about that.

Monday, August 17, 2009

What we've been up to...

Alright I have been sick of the computer this summer so I am throwing a bunch of pictures from the summer into one post. Enjoy!

This picture was taken at Brian's friend, Josh Sato's birthday. I bet you can't tell which one it is with the last name Sato, can you? These guys have been friends with Brian since Middle School. They are all more brothers to me than friends (especially Bobby...ok he is my brother). This is a funny picture. We told them to pose like this.


Danny loves to drive the boat with Grandpa.

Sam likes to do everything that Danny is doing.

Pretending to talk on the phone.

Danny just loves going out on the boat. He wanted to try wakeboarding just like Dad but maybe we will wait till next year. After all the swimming, he was tired.

Sam wasn't a huge fan of the swimming.

So tired.

PETTING ZOOMy friends Kendra and Kate took the kids to the petting zoo. We had a lot of fun!

Danny rode horses without crying this year! I was so proud of him. I love his cute happy face here.

Haha. If you look closely, you will see that this cow is biting the stroller and pulling Sam to him. It scared Sam a little bit.

This little colt was born right before we came.

We went to the American Fork carnival with my aunts and cousins. It was a little trashy but the boys loved it.

Farewell to Micheal Jackson
After MJ died, we had a party to celebrate his life and watch all of his music videos and his funeral. The first time I watched his funeral Brian came in at the part where Jennifer Hudson was singing Will You Be There. I started tearing up so I quickly walked over to the cabinet so he wouldn't see me. I pretended to look for something then came back. 1 second later I started crying again so I pretended to throw something in the garbage. In case you can't tell, I hate it when people see me cry. So I got my act together and went back to the t.v. Again I started crying and didn't care this time because I just wanted to let it out. Brian wasn't surprised. He was such an amazing and inspirational man. I am so sad...still. Anyway, in the picture, here are a few of us who dressed up. We had such a great time watching his videos and copying his dance moves while dancing to his music. It was so much fun but I still get so sad when I think about him. I have so many great memories with his music. We love you MJ!

4th and 24th of JulyWatching fireworks. Danny was inside watching because he still hates them.

We went to the bees game on the 24th and Danny wanted me to take a picture of him here.

And here.

We went to the Willowcreek Country Club on the 4th and they had fun games to play. This was Alex and Patrick, my brothers.

I had to put up a picture of Patrick winning too.

Sam in the water. What a cutie.

We went to my Grandparents house like we do every 4th of July and had breakfast. They bought these shirts for all of the great grandchildren. I was mad because Danny REFUSED to be in the picture. What do you do? Cute kids.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Little Golf Pro

At the beginning of the summer, my Dad bought Danny a surprise. We went to my parent's house to go see what it was and sitting in the family room was a new set of miniature golf clubs. They were the cutest little things I have seen. He was so excited because he LOVES to golf. So he went outside to practice at my parents house and on the way home after not saying a word for about 10 minutes, Danny said, "I wuv my gowf cwubs."

Look at how happy he is. He is so excited because this was the first day that Brian was taking him golfing that he actually got to play instead of just watching and being the caddy.

How cute are his golf clubs? He even puts the covers on them each time he is done with them.

Oooooh! I love this picture. Danny thinks he is such a big boy. He loves to carry the golf clubs on his back just like Dad. He felt so cool.

Off to the golf course.
Brian also likes to take Danny to the golfing range. This is so perfect for Danny because he has a great swing and he loves to just smack that ball. I decided to go one time and take pictures.

Danny likes to help Brian pick out what golf clubs to use.

We took Sam with us and he wanted to practice too.

Here is Danny golfing. I think Sam was starting to get into a little trouble by the end.