Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I have loved taking pictures of the kids over the past week. It makes me so happy.
My sweet little princess. I wonder how many times I kiss her during the day. Whether I am at the grocery store, playing outside, at home or anywhere, I feel like I am kissing her all day. My mom was asking me if it was weird getting use to 2 boys and then a having a girl and I said no because I have wanted a girl so badly and I have been so ready for it and I have been enjoying it to the fullest. I love getting her dressed up. I love her more and more every day. She brings me so much joy every day, along with Danny and Sam.

Sarah is just the best baby ever. My mom said I was the exact same way when I was a baby. I never cried and was just happy by myself. She is so happy. She gets so excited to see the boys every morning. I think she is confused why they aren't as excited as she is sometimes. She loves to try and play along with the boys. She loves when friends come over to play. I got her doll, doll stroller, doll high chair, and doll crib out and she loves to play with them. Is it weird that I can't wait to play dolls and barbies with her? She loves to pretend feed her dolls and put them to bed. She goes to bed at 7:00 and wakes up between 7 and 8. Then she takes 2 naps that total 4-5 hours every day! She sleeps so well.

One of my favorite things is Sarah singing. She will sing in the cutest, softest little voice and do cute little hand actions. She loves the Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Wheels on the Bus, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. In relief society on Sunday, she stood up by the chorister and sang and moved her arms like she was conducting.

Sarah loves animals. Especially dogs. Whenever she sees a dog she gets so excited and chases it. She always notices animals and LOVES to read books about them. She could be happy reading books all day. Whenever she is sad, all I have to do is grab a book and she is happy. I love hearing her make animal sounds. It is so cute.

Sarah is a cuddler! Yay! She loves to cuddle with blankets, dolls, or anything soft. Any time I give her a blanket, she lays down and sucks her thumb with it. This last picture was taken when Brian was watching the kids. He couldn't find Sarah and after looking for a while, he found her in the laundry room with all of her dirty blankets. Sarah is so low maintenance. She is happy to go downstairs by herself and play for 30 minutes by herself. Then when I go to check on her,

she is sitting on Dad's lap while he is working. She loves going into his office (did I mention he works from home now) and sit on his lap quietly while he works. She has become a lot closer to Brian and I love it.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Oh I just love Sam. He makes me laugh.
He is the sweetest boy in the world. He loves to take care of Sarah. Whenever she cries or whines, he quickly comforts her by putting his arm around her and saying, "It's ok sweetie." He always makes sure that she is happy. He is always grabbing her blanket or stuffed animal and saying,"Here you go sweetie. (in his high pitched voice).

He loves to share. Whenever he gets 2 treats, he gives one to Danny and keeps the other. He never even thinks about keeping both for himself. If he only gets one, he asks for another so that he can give it to Danny. Every day he is taking handfuls of food and treats out to his friends because he gets so excited to share with others. Even if the kids are mean to him, he quickly forgives them and gives them treats.

Sam is such a funny kid. He has so much energy. He loves to run around and screech and laugh in his high pitched voice. He really has a hard time sitting still and taking direction. He loves to be free and do his own thing. He thinks it is so funny to call his friends things like poop face. They get so mad and he doesn't understand why they don't think he is funny. This poor guy is always pushed aside by Danny and his friends. Sam just adores Danny and Danny is more excited to play with friends. It makes me sad but hopefully Sam will make his own close friends. Sam's friends are always paying attention to Danny which causes Sam to get frustrated and hit all of the time. He will just walk around and hit for no reason at all. I am trying to teach him to stop but in the meantime all I can do is just love him even more and understand his frustration. I think this is why he is so kind with Sarah. She is the one person who doesn't boss him around. When I get mad at Sam, he can be such a stinker but all I have to do is give him a hug or tell him I love him and he will hug me right back and give me kisses and tell me he loves me all at once. Like I said, he is SUCH a sweetheart.

Sam was so excited to see Cars 2 that he wore his Lightning Mcqueen shirt and shoes.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Danny is starting Kindergarten in one month. I feel like this is his last summer being a little boy. This is a lot of rambling but I want to remember this time in my kids life.
I love watching my kids grow up. Each stage is so exciting and they are so fun.
But this is actually making me very sad. I am very excited for him to start Kindergarten but it is going so fast.

Danny has become SO social. He loves playing with friends and I have to make a rule that he can't go over to friends houses until 9 a.m because he gets so excited to play with them. He loves to act silly with his friends. That is my fault because I am very sarcastic and I am always joking around with the kids. His favorite things are video games and the ipad but we only let him play video games once or twice a month. He loves to pretend to be a superhero or anything that requires him to pretend fight. He loves to wrestle with Sam and they love to beat each other up. They always end up crying and I am ALWAYS yelling at them to stop.

This is Danny laughing at me because there was a bee buzzing by me and I was screaming. Danny has the best laugh in the world. I love to hear him laugh. When I took him to see Kung Fu Panda 2, there was one part where he was the only one in the theatre laughing. The best part was that he was laughing so hard that it sounded like he was screaming. It was so funny.
Danny loves to learn. He loves to try new things. His mind NEEDS to be stimulated. He just soaks everything up. He is so good at reading and math. He isn't very into art. When he is asked to paint, he does it as fast as possible and doesn't mind coloring outside the lines. He stores so much information in his head and is always wanting to learn more.

Danny is so active. He just finished soccer and did GREAT. He LOVES to golf with Brian. He also likes swimming, baseball, and tennis. He wants to continue dancing so I am not sure what to do with all of his talents.

He has a hard time going into detail about things that he does. Every day I would ask him what he did in preschool and he would say, "play". I have to bribe him and threaten him with little things to get him to talk about what he did at school. When I ask him what he did at summer camp, birthday parties, sports games, he always gives me a one word answer. But he will talk my ear off if it has to do anything with movies or video games.

This is probably Danny's favorite friend, Erika. When he first started playing with her, he would talk about the color of her hair and the color of the dress she had worn that day. That is so not something that Danny does. It caught me by surprise. It was obvious he had a little crush.

When I say that Danny is growing up too fast, this is what I mean:
Erika's mom, Katie told me that Erika said that Danny kissed her on the cheek!!! Again, SO not something that Danny does often.
Then, I saw them sitting outside together and he had both of his arms around her and his cheek against her cheek.
Last of all, I saw them laying on the couch next to each other with their arms around each other. That made me nervous. I don't know where he is getting this from but isn't he way to young for me to be worrying about all of this!?! Ahhh! I had a talk with him and hopefully he will understand boundaries.
It just makes me laugh because that is very uncharacteristic of Danny to act that way.
Anyway, I love Danny. He is such a wonderful helper and very determined. I love that he tells me he loves me on a daily basis and is constantly giving me hugs.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Danny's hip hop performance

I seriously love this boy so much. Danny had his dance performance last week and he did so well. I put a video of his performance at the bottom. I am not sure why he is in the very front for the whole dance. He keeps looking back to make sure he is doing the right thing. He is such a cute dancer. I love it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cole's wedding

I love weddings because you get to see people that you don't see very often. Our friends Abby and Nate came in town from LA. It was so fun to see them.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day Brian. Brian is always offering to take the kids and give me a break. Then, when I come home, the house is spotless. These kids love their dad more then anything.
This was taken tonight before the boys went to bed. They were using Brian as a slide.

I am lucky to have the greatest dad. He never got mad at my mom and was always helping her with whatever she needed. He is a very wise man. I always had high expectations for my husband and father of my children.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The girls and their matching dresses

My mom got these matching adorable dresses for the Sarah and all of the girl cousins. We had to get a picture of them all together before Abby and Jane went back to Texas.

My mom also got these dresses for the girls. So cute!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Funny Girl

After Sarah takes a bath, she always has to keep her towel on her head for a long time. I will get her dressed and she still insist on wearing her towel. She also loves her swimsuit. She wants to wear it so I just put it on top of her clothes. She even took it to church with her a few weeks ago.

Danny asked me to take this picture of him and Sarah sitting together.