Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not so bored anymore...

Winter is always hard for me because we get so bored and it is hard to go out and do fun things with 3 kids and lots of snow. I love this time of year because we always start to get really busy. Here is what has been going on...

Today we went to see the Easter Bunny. It was also snowing and cold outside. Isn't it suppose to be warm for Easter?

Yesterday, my friend, Heidi, invited us to go to Sweets Candy Factory for a tour. I left Sam home with Brian for his nap and Danny, Sarah, and I went. I thought Danny would get bored but he loved it. It was so fun. He was so interested in the machines that made the candy. We will definitely do it again. Especially if we get to wear these cool hair nets again. They even made Sarah wear one. It was so funny. After the tour, we picked out candy to buy and Danny made sure to get 2 of everything, one for him and one for Sam. What a good boy.

I took the boys to Brian's work for some cookie decorating. His work always does fun stuff like this. I love it. I also love Sam's smile.

Sarah is sad that she can't eat a cookie.

Then we ended the day with fun at Boondocks. The boys were in heaven....including Brian.

I took this picture from a bad angle but I just wanted to get a picture of Sarah's smile with Danny. He loves to sing to her and make her happy. She is always smiling when he is around.

We finally put Sam in a bed. I was dreading this day but Sarah was ready for the crib so we had to do it.

Not only did we put Sam in a bed but we also put him in the same room as Danny. They have so much fun sharing a room. It turned out so well. Sam still takes naps and I was nervous about that. They stay up much later though. Danny usually falls asleep to Sam talking to him. I even let Brian pick out their bedding. How nice am I? I think he did a very good job (although you can't really go wrong with Pottery Barn Kids). He was seriously contemplating getting the Star Wars bedding but didn't (which I am so happy about). I am glad I don't need to worry about that anymore.

And of course, like always, I have to slip a picture in of Sarah and her chub.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sarah's Baby Blessing

Yesterday we blessed Sarah at church. It was stressful getting everything ready (especially since I was throwing up the day before because of food poisoning), but it was such a wonderful day. I love these days. Everything went so well and I am so happy that Brian gave such her such a beautiful blessing. I just try to enjoy these days as much as I can.

She was so tired but so happy.

My mom is so good at making her smile.

How funny is her little bonnet?

Happy boys

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thanks, Danny

So I have been trying very hard to eat healthy. I have decided that I can't cut out sweets forever so I try to have them once a week. I have been doing so well. So the other day, Danny looked at me and said,
"Mom you are getting so fat."
I have never heard him call anyone fat before and he was totally serious.
Thanks, Danny.
Then today he said,
"Mom, your bum is too big."
Thanks, Danny.
Don't worry, I didn't feel bad. I just laughed.

Here he is posing with my shoes on.

Maybe those fat comments were meant for Sarah. I'll just keep telling myself that. This is the first picture of her cute smile.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Did I mention that earlier on this week, she slept 8 hours straight? Hmmm, this post was suppose to be about Danny and my big butt wasn't it? Oh well, she is too cute not to put in the post.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just the Girls

It is always fun to get together with the girls! Thanks Brian for letting me go out twice last week with the girls!

These are some girls in my neighborhood. We went to dinner at Olive Garden. So fun!

The night before I went to dinner and shopping with my friends, Sariah and Kristin. We ate at Asian Star. Yummmm! It was so delicious. I love these girls.

Playing with Kristin's extensions.

Haha. That is so gross.

Friday, March 12, 2010

A MUCH NEEDED vacation

This may be my longest post ever. So a few weeks ago, one of Brian's best friend, Josh got married at the San Diego temple. It was so wonderful. The weather was great and these 2 were so happy. They are so perfect for each other. I was so happy when I found out they were getting married in CA because I wanted a vacation. Brian's parents took the boys and we brought Sarah. My whole family went because he is best friends with my bro Bobby. He is pretty much part of the family. He is like the asian brother I never had.

YAHOO! Pat, Lil, and Tim (my siblings)

Me, Mom and Lil

Are we ever serious?


So we got a little bored and were having the guys take funny pictures of us pretending to laugh. We were really cheesy and ended up laughing hysterically at the end.

We made our husbands do the same thing.

Most of these guys have been friends since middle school. How lucky to have such close friends.

The dinner afterwards was so much fun. We ate at this delicious pizza place and just hung out.
Brian and I.

One of my best friends, Abby, and Sarah. Sarah slept pretty much the entire time. She was so good.

We went outside for dessert. I haven't seen these 2 happier.

Beautiful view.


We couldn't do a trip without Disneyland. This is just what I needed. This made me so happy. I love Disneyland. The whole time I kept thinking about how much I wanted Danny and Sam there but it was nice to do whatever we wanted.

Let me just show you how excited we were to be here:
I wasn't the only one excited. This is Brian's friend, Danny who brought his girlfriend and came with us. He makes me laugh.

Kelli (my SIL), Bob, and Danny

Pat,Tim, me, and Lil

Mom, Lil and Dad


I told you I was happy to be here. I love the people's faces behind me.

So the last time my family went to Disneyland, my mom wanted this horse stuffed animal. Everyone took turns playing this game, trying to win it for her and no one did. So finally this group of young girls were playing and my dad decided to join the game so that he would have a good chance of winning (how hard can it be to beat a bunch of young girls, right?). Well he lost to this little girl. Haha. So none of them won it. Well this time we decided to all play at the same time so that no matter who won, my mom would get it. I know we are so smart.

I love my dad's face here. He won and was so proud of it.

They picked us to go in a little early and we were so excited!

Tower of Terror

Toy Story ride.

Sarah and her Minnie ears

Goodbye Disneyland! Thank you for making us so happy!